Our Mission and Vision

“We are a 100% Cusquenian company, with the purpose of offering clients a personalized experience, with the highest quality in our tourism products.”

DREAMY PERU, is distinguished by providing a different service and outside the traditional as well as in the organization and Excursions. We have ethical principles and social responsibility, we promote the development and well-being of our employees with the continuous commitment to maintain safety in our operations and respect for the environment.
Today we have a portfolio of professionals dedicated to customer service, in which our clients find how to carry out their dreams of traveling and getting to know other cultures.

Our Mission

In 2022 being one of the leading travel agencies in the tourist market of the city of Cusco, national and international, with innovative products according to the needs and demands of our customers, as a tour operator that contributes jointly with the communities to the socio-economic development , balanced and sustainable for the improvement of the quality of life of its inhabitants and the strengthening of the communal integration of the region and the country.

Our Vision

Provide a service of quality and reliability, in order to achieve the full satisfaction of our customers with our tour packages that will allow you to get to know and enjoy the wonders of our Peru, likewise we have the specialized workers team and technology conducive to provide a personalized service that exceeds the expectations of our customers. We work with great responsibility respecting our culture and environment, as well contributing to the development of our country.

Our Values

We value the transmission of customs and traditions of our ancestors, training our employees (administrative staff, guides, cooks, porters and drivers) on the correct way to interact in unexpected situations such as emergencies (First Aid), proper handling of the food, the level of safety when driving and / or transfer of the participant.

  • Passion and commitment
  • Quality and excellence in service
  • Reliability
  • Responsibility
  • Puntuality
  • Integrity and respect
  • Honesty
  • Innovation and inspiration
  • Fun and teamwork

Our Philosophy

We care about responsible travel, based on respect for the people and destinations we operate, as well as an ethical and conscious journey on the part of our visitors, who, given the characteristics of this segment, show great interest in interacting with the “Real Life” of the destinations they visit and therefore choose a type of trip in which they are not participating in exploitation and destroying of the environment.